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User can login to the application using the username and password specified during the user registration.

  • If the user is an existing user then user will be taken to the application homepage immediately upon the login.

  • If the user is a newly registered user then user is required to agree the 'Terms and Conditions' bound to the Amorphic application. User can move forward into the application only if the user agrees to the 'Terms and Conditions'. Once it is done, User will be provided with a set of credentials which can be used to connect to the Datawarehouse (Ex: Redshift, AuroraMySQL). User should save the credentials. If not, User can always reset the DWH(Datawarehouse) password using the 'Reset Password' button in the Reset DWH Password popup in Settings Page.

User Agreement upon login

Once the user is logged into the application. User will be assigned a 'Default role' which will have very limited access to the application. User can always request any Administrator to provide with respective role in order to perform actions and use the Amorphic services.

Once the user got access to a new role, user can switch the current role to use any other role. Please refer to the Switch Role documentation