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Custom Tagging(Beta)

Amorphic Data Cloud adds tags to all the resources created within in the platform by default in the backend. However these tags are predefined and not changeable, this custom tagging feature helps the users to add custom tags to all the resources created in Amorphic.

This will be added in a phased manner starting from the release 1.10.1. As part of 1.10.1, only tags that are added in CMP portal during application deployment will be added to the resources. Users must provide custom tags during the deployment from CMP so that they will be used to add tags to all the resources created in Amorphic.

1.10.1 Supports above custom tags for below features.

  1. SageMaker Notebooks
  2. Apps
  3. Dataset's DynamoDB tables (DB as target case)
  4. ConnectionApps & ConnectionAppFlows
  5. Connections -- Normal & Bulk Ingestions
  6. DataProfiling
  7. DataQualityChecks
  8. GlueEndpoints
  9. ETL Jobs
  10. Models
  11. Notebooks
  12. Parameters
  13. Streams & Consumers
  14. Workflows

In upcoming releases, support will be added to the remaining resources as well as ability to add custom tags at the System-Level(From Amorphic admin page) and at the User-Level.


If the tags are not added during the application deployment, please reach out to support team to get them added. This behaviour will change in future where users can modify the tags by themselves from the CMP portal.