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Welcome to Amorphic Data Cloud

Amorphic Data Cloud is a new cloud orchestration Saas or Managed Software platform that make it easier for IT, business and data science users to more easily access and manage AWS advanced analytics and machine learning by stitching together these services side by side with traditional data pipeline.

Amorphic is the first cloud orchestration platform that delivers self-service for ingestion, data management and storage for all and any data, orchestration for your compute jobs, enabling users to more easily take raw and processed data and apply any machine learning model for prediction and data-driven analytics, and in the end connect data to any visualization dashboard, report or tool. This provides a single platform for all users in one cloud data, advanced analytics and machine learning pane of glass.

Key features

Amorphic is the first orchestration platform to support the ingestion, transformation and analytics of all structured, unstructured and semi-structured data specific to your use cases.

Once you have your data ingested into the Amorphic Data Cloud it automates with native machine learning models to transcribe your PDF or audio files into text files to create a global and secure metadata catalog that can power your search, sharing, analytics and machine learning capabilities.

Once you have a global catalog that provides for governance and compliance, you can establish role based access controls for users, groups and domains. You can also do a search across all the Amorphic Data files stored on S3 or Redshift and you can use your original and or transcribed files to power your business intelligence and perform AI or ML. And this platform is offered as either a SaaS or Managed Orchestration Platform. Following are the highlight of the features of the platform

Following are the various advantages of Amorphic:

  • Increased Productivity for all data and analytic users
  • Reduced Complexity from AWS Infrastructure, tools & services
  • Faster Collaboration from governed data, dashboards and notebooks
  • Massive Cost & Time Savings from operations and AWS spend
  • Faster Innovation in man days, not man years.

Amorphic Data Cloud Architecture

A high level data flow in Amorphic is depicted below.

Amorphic Architecture