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Bulk delete the datasets in Amorphic

Bulk Management feature in Amorphic allows the users to delete the dataset(s) in bulk. This feature minimizes the time required to delete multiple datasets one at a time.

Amorphic Bulk Management provides the following capabilities:

  • Users have the option of selecting the resource-type from the dropdown.
  • Once selected, all available resources of that resource-type are displayed in the page. All the resources are displayed in a sorted fashion for selection. The sort criteria varies for each resource-type.
  • User can select multiple resources and perform the required actions. In this case, delete selected datasets.

Currently, Datasets is the only available resource-type. Other resource-types might be added in the upcoming versions.

The following picture depicts the Bulk Management page:

Bulk Management Home Page

Resource selection

The selection pane has option to filter through it for quicker selection. Once filtered, the user can quickly select/deselect all the resources using the Select-All / Deselect-All options on the right side of the selection panel.

The selection can be made across sort criteria for an resource. Ex. For Datasets, the selected datasets can be across different domains.

Once finished with selection, the user can click the Delete Selected Datasets button present at the bottom right of the selection panel. This will proceed next to the 'Bulk Delete Datasets' page.

Bulk dataset selection page

Delete selected datasets

All the datasets selected in the previous pane should be displayed in the page based on the domain along with 'Submit' and 'Prev' buttons.

Bulk selected datasets

User can check all the datasets in the respective domains from the left pane and user can navigate back to selection pane to add/remove the already selected datasets.

Click on the 'Submit' button in the 'Bulk Delete Datasets' page to delete all the selected datasets. Delete action will be triggered and status of the bulk delete will be displayed.

Bulk dataset status page

User can also filter the datasets based on the delete status.

Bulk dataset status filter

Below image will walk through the entire bulk deletion process:

Bulk delete datasets


Currently, User can bulk delete only up-to 10-15 datasets at a time due to dataset dependencies. This restriction will be removed/enhanced in the upcoming versions.